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I’ve spoken at a number of in-person events (TEDx Knoxville, ConvergeSE, Double Your Freelancing Conf (2x), Maker City Summit, and MicroConf, among others) and even more virtual events.

Right now, I’m focused on creator economy brands and companies—for example, Podia, Moxie, CEX, and The Content Byte Summit.

Here are some of my core areas of expertise:

  • Pricing (I wrote Free Money, published January 2024 by Tilt, on the subject.)
  • $300K Flywheel for freelancers and consultants
  • 6 key levers / advantages for solopreneurs
  • Wayfinding for multipotentialites
  • Entrepreneurship + parenthood
  • Entrepreneurship + faith

Every event is a little different, so as you review the four options below, remember that we can design the scope and experience to have maximum value for your audience.

Want a more tactical workshop to go along with the feel-good keynote? Want me to tap dance while setting off fireworks?

Okay, not the latter, but you get the picture. My team and I take a more collaborative approach with event organizers.

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Keynote Objectives & Goals

A friend of mine once said, “You like to participate in other people’s transformation.” I suppose he was right.

As a keynote speaker, my mission is to inspire and elevate freelancers, consultants, and other creative entrepreneurs. I don’t pitch from stage. I don’t enjoy being controversial. I’m not the tough love type.

Instead, I tell true stories and pull out the timeless principles that serve and transform independents and solopreneurs, no matter what they look like or where they live.

My aim is to marry heart and mind. That way, people understand the mindset upgrades, feel motivated to go after what they really want, and have the process required.

Here's a more detailed breakdown of what you can expect:

  1. I’ll delve into a core question. For example, why do some creatives flounder while others flourish? Two can have similar talent and work ethic, and yet one will have double the income and freedom. If the person making twice the money isn’t twice as good, what’s the secret? She’s using very specific levers in her business to get better results with less effort. Here are six key levers, and here’s exactly how to use the first three.
  2. I’ll be funny. After listening to approximately 1.1 bajillion sermons during 40+ years of church services, I can tell you that humor opens the doors to people’s hearts so that they’re receptive to honesty and change. As Strategic Founder coach Dan Sullivan said, “All progress starts by telling the truth.”
  3. I'll unravel the open secrets behind growth in the creator economy. I’ve been leading marketing teams for 15+ years, and it won’t surprise you that the best beliefs, principles, and strategies don’t change, only the tactics. Guess what’s still relevant? Growth mindset, effective storytelling, genunine concern for others’ well-being, and consistency.
  4. I may do tears and make fun of myself, but I won’t do blame and make fun of others. As I mentioned, I’m not interested in stirring up controversy. In my experience, vulnerability and kindness are more effective at catalyzing change, and I prefer to have pleasant chats with attendees after the talk, you know?
  5. I’m not a diva. I don’t have a favorite $500 candle you must order ahead of time. You don’t need to send a sleek black car to pick me up with the interior temperature at precisely 71˚F. I can manage with Uber, though being from the American South, I do appreciate warm hospitality.

Keynote Options

60-Minute In-Person

Plus travel and lodging

Price depends on scope, as well as your organization type, distance covered, and total time away from my family.

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60-Minute Virtual

$1,500 & up

Price depends on topic, scope, and format—for example, will I be creating a new workshop from scratch or dusting off one I’ve already created?

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Corporate (Full Day)

$15,000 & up
Plus travel and lodging

Price depends on scope—e.g., keynote and/or facilitation and/or training.

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Ideal Audience / Targets

Ambitious creatives / freelancers / consultants / coaches who face challenges common to selling expertise and creativity on the open market—everything from weak positioning and generic offers to limiting beliefs and broken or nonexistent processes. They need to hear how to have a record year while working less.

Creators / creative entrepreneurs / solopreneurs who want to maximize their three freedoms (financial, creative, time) while also contending with many pitfalls of entrepreneurship, mindset, and personal growth. We get by with a little help from our friends (and motivational speakers).

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“Austin L. Church has penned a game-changer. In Free Money, he unpacks the art and science of pricing for freelancers and shares a treasure trove of relatable examples and anecdotes. This book offers not only a path to better income but also a better relationship with money and a better life. Every page resonates with wisdom and practicality. Prepare to be transformed.”

Ed Gandia, Founder, High-Income Business Writing

“Have you ever told a potential client your price and immediately thought ‘Oh gosh, was that too much? Not enough? What have I done?!’ Congratulations, you’re normal—but after reading Free Money you’ll have a super smart pricing strategy so you never feel or think that again.”

John Meese, Author of Survive and Thrive&Always Be Teaching

“This book is perfect for freelancers – it will get you through, over and past any money blocks you have, thanks to a combination of the clarity Austin brings, the stories he tells and the lilt of his southern voice, which you can literally hear on the page. He even makes the math painless – almost! Highly recommended reading!”

Ilise Benun, Founder of Marketing-Mentor.com and Author of The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money and The Simplest Marketing Plan

"If you want to make more money as a freelancer or consultant, buy this book and do what it says."

Tim Stoddart, Partner, Copyblogger

“For a long time, talking about money has been taboo. But freelancers need to have understand money and pricing in order to build a business that supports their lifestyle (rather than destroys it). Free Money is essential reading for freelancers who truly want to take control of their time.”

Jay Clouse, Founder of Freelancing School & Creator Science Lab

“This book cuts through the B.S. around pricing and gets straight to what matters: Setting strategic prices and bankrolling the lifestyle you want.”

Tim Stoddart

"Austin is the #1 expert on freelance pricing. Also, honey, what’s 'freelance'?"

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