Free Money: Nine Counterintuitive Moves for Life-Changing Freelance Income.

Setting the right freelance or consulting prices is one thing, and winning projects at those prices is another. This pricing and money mindset guide will show you how to do both.

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Book Summary

Free Money is a pricing and money mindset guide for freelancers and consultants. If you aren’t confident in your prices, this book is for you.

Your prices impact your income and lifestyle, and as you may have noticed, pricing is a hard knot to pick apart. One writer charges $100 for a case study, and another, $10,000.

Why? Is the second writer a hundred times better? No.

Factors other than raw talent come into play, and Free Money will untangle the pricing knot by guiding you through a step-by-step process to identify the seven key numbers you must know.

  • Using those numbers, you will calculate smart, strategic prices that cover your immediate needs and move you toward your long-term goals.
  • Wayfinding exercises will help you pick your next three priorities, and a careful analysis of five money scripts will help you examine your relationship with money and decide if your beliefs are serving you.
  • You’ll learn principles and best practices for navigating real-world situations freelancers face. You’ll also get answers to the most frequently asked questions about pricing.

This book is your clarifying, confidence-boosting map to higher earning and a more satisfying freelance business.


“Austin L. Church has penned a game-changer. In Free Money, he unpacks the art and science of pricing for freelancers and shares a treasure trove of relatable examples and anecdotes. This book offers not only a path to better income but also a better relationship with money and a better life. Every page resonates with wisdom and practicality. Prepare to be transformed.”

Ed Gandia, Founder, High-Income Business Writing

“Have you ever told a potential client your price and immediately thought ‘Oh gosh, was that too much? Not enough? What have I done?!’ Congratulations, you’re normal—but after reading Free Money you’ll have a super smart pricing strategy so you never feel or think that again.”

John Meese, Author of Survive and Thrive&Always Be Teaching

“This book is perfect for freelancers – it will get you through, over and past any money blocks you have, thanks to a combination of the clarity Austin brings, the stories he tells and the lilt of his southern voice, which you can literally hear on the page. He even makes the math painless – almost! Highly recommended reading!”

Ilise Benun, Founder of and Author of The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money and The Simplest Marketing Plan

"If you want to make more money as a freelancer or consultant, buy this book and do what it says."

Tim Stoddart, Partner, Copyblogger

“For a long time, talking about money has been taboo. But freelancers need to have understand money and pricing in order to build a business that supports their lifestyle (rather than destroys it). Free Money is essential reading for freelancers who truly want to take control of their time.”

Jay Clouse, Founder of Freelancing School & Creator Science Lab

"Austin is the #1 expert on freelance pricing. Also, honey, what’s 'freelance'?"

Your Mom

With Free Money here’s what you’ll do:


Use the step-by-step process to identify your 7 key numbers.


Calculate smart, strategic prices that cover your immediate needs and long-term goals.


Use the wayfinding exercises to set your next three priorities.


Examine 5 limiting beliefs about money and decide if your beliefs are serving you.


Learn best practices for navigating situations freelancers and consultants face.


Get answers to the common questions about pricing.

About the Author

Austin L. Church is a writer, marketing consultant, and business coach. He started freelancing in 2009 after finishing his M.A. in Literature and getting laid off from a marketing agency. Freelancing led to a portfolio of mobile apps, tech startup, children's book, branding studio, and consulting practice.

Over the last 15 years, he has made over $1.8 million as a creative entrepreneur while learning what not to do. He’s passionate about teaching freelancers and consultants how to stack up specific advantages and find their income-lifestyle sweet spot.

He and his wife Megan live with their three children in Knoxville, Tennessee. You can learn more at

Millions of value-conscious clients are eager to pay a freelancer or consultant with your skills a premium. The “free money” you could be charging is there for the taking. Why shouldn’t you be the one to land those projects?

What Folks Are Saying

“I followed along with the process to dive into my freelance income and assess how I set my rates 🫣 The result? I completely overhauled my rates, landed more clients, and had my best financial year yet.”

Amanda L., Award-Winning Editor & Communication Strategist

"I’m reading your book, and liking it quite a bit. I could’ve used a lot of this advice years ago, but it’s been a very timely and clarifying read still."

Harley B., SEO Specialist

“Really enjoying it so far. I went through the exercises and bumped up my main package rate a notch. Now I feel more confident quoting my rates — I KNOW I’m offering great value for the client but I’m also taking care of my needs and nudging myself closer to my goals.”

Rebekah M., Content Strategist

"I finished the book last night and really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing it. I got a lot out of the chapter on mindset in particular. It addressed a core concern for me: moving from 'poverty' to 'abundance.' Abundance seems so ethereal in our everyday thinking, but it's actually just math."

Karl S., Executive Coach

"I am working my way through your book, Free Money. You are fun to read—creative and light, with plenty of useful information served up with humor. Love it!"

Jim M., Tech Writer

"If you are a freelancer or a consultant and need help figuring out your pricing, do yourself a favor and get this book. It will help you clarify your pricing and set smart, sustainable prices. You will find valuable insight wherever you are in your freelance journey."

Petar M., SEO Specialist